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    3D printer with RepRapBCN

    I already twitted about it, but now I dedicate a short post.

    It’s been a while that i am looking at the 3D printers scene, with willingness to get one but some doubts about what I could get out of it.

    What is clear to me is that this is an emerging sector, with full potential to become a disruptive technology the moment the 3D printers were made available everywhere. You will be laughing at the disruption created by mp3, in the future we wil share the 3D designs of any object and we will print them at home -with the corresponding turmoil for the copyrights. In fact 3D hand scanners already exist to let you generate the 3D model, even from a series of pictures. Awesome!

    And I have to be there!!

    I enrolled to a workshop in April with RepRap. During a weekend the people from RepRap assist you to build a 3D printer from scratch, and the final result si for you to bring back home.

    April workshop is already complete!

    If you are interested in this sector or the Arduino movement, do not miss the book Makers, by Chris Anderson. Great inspiration for the maker inside you!

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