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    NFC tags and automotion with Android

    This week I received my first NFC tags.

    I bought them in Tagsfordroid.

    Just because the tags have a nice droid picture ;)


    It is also shipped with some fancy sticks: pics of Android at home, in a car, cycling…so that the purpose of the tag is clear to you.

    If you have an NFC enabled smartphone, it’s time to do something about it!!

    I followed steps explained here. It’s easy to setup some simple actions, but the nicest behavior is to setup switches and it’s clearly explained by this AndroidPolice article.

    So you can make that first touch to the tag does an action and the second touch undoes it.

    I already setup a tag to home entry. First touch activates wifi and deactivates screen security, second touch reverses it.

    And that’s all for today!!

    There are plenty of options with NFC. Need to spend more time playing with them…

    Sorry iPhone guys…Apple does not want to implement this protocol :(

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Mi nombre es Norbert y me gustan los ordenadores desde pequeño. Me inicié con un Commodore 64 y he tenido siempre la tecnología como hobby. Mi otro gran hobby es la montaña, donde tengo otro blog. Y mi más reciente blog sobre Tecnología y Makers: norbertrovira.com