1. 1 year ago 

    My Pebble delivered soon!!

    Finally, Pebble is ready for mass production and distribution.

    I backed this project in Kickstarter around 8 months ago and the time is now.

    Plenty of additional features added. Shows all the care they have put in the design and the testing.

    Amazed with the IFTTT integration to push notifications and other hardware features such as 5 ATM water proof.

    for more detaisl have a look here starting around minute 10.

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My name is Norbert. Since I was a child I liked computers, started with a bright Commodore 64 and always had all tekkie stuff as a hobby. My other big hobby is mountains. Check out my other blog for this. The main blog is about Tech and Maker stuff: norbertrovira.com
Mi nombre es Norbert y me gustan los ordenadores desde pequeño. Me inicié con un Commodore 64 y he tenido siempre la tecnología como hobby. Mi otro gran hobby es la montaña, donde tengo otro blog. Y mi más reciente blog sobre Tecnología y Makers: norbertrovira.com